Why Initial Stage Of Parenting Is Tangled With Preschool Education?

preschool Education
Parenting is not rocket science. You just need to teach your children the basic morals and etiquettes that you already know. Children don’t learn, they observe, and then they imitate. You can do a lot of things to make your children learn things that they would need to use sooner or later in their lives but hiring the professionals for this would be more appropriate. This is what the preschool education is for.

Why should you consider preschool education important for your kid?

While most of the parents might think that kindergarten is the actual beginning of their child’s education, but they don’t know that the years preceding this milestone are also important for the child’s learning. Children are sent to the kindergarten at the early age of 5 or 6 but the first five-six years from birth are the most important years for setting the foundations of learning.

The preschool years are certainly the most important five years for one and all.
The preschool education is not given utmost importance not because the period is important for the child’s success, but it also brightens up the child’s brain before they enter the kindergarten schools.

According to Kathleen McCartney, Ph. D, dean of the Harvard Graduate School of Education, at preschool, the kids become exposed to numbers, shapes, and different letters. The most important thing that they learn is to socialize or get along with other children and share or contribute to activities.

Benefits of preschool education

The preschool education method not only provides your child with a chance to begin a lifelong long of learning but also makes your child prompt before entering into the world of schools and nurseries. Taking the help of age-appropriate materials and things, the child can practice different skills, obtain a framework for more advanced learning, and most importantly, explore the idea that learning is fun and exciting.

Children getting motivated to learn and explore learning new things are important for the success of the children in school. As stated by Nobel Laureate and Professor James J, Heckman, Ph. D, the investments made in the child’s learning and motivation from early childhood gives an ever-lasting effect that stays with the child for a long time.
This means that providing optimum learning opportunities to your kid from an early stage will help him learn and develop skills in a much better way.

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What do experts say about early childhood education?

Experts have stated that 85% of the child’s brain development takes place before the age of 5. If the child spends most of the time playing and doing unnecessary things in this tender age, he loses the opportunity to learn new things and finds it difficult to learn in the future.

Studies have found that preschool education comes with proven results and better performances in school in the later years. This early education both in the classroom and at home provides a better foundation for the child and make sure that they get into the kindergarten all set to learn things much easily.